• The painting is filled with icons of the unique qualities you carry within to master your life.

  • The painting is a shamanic-iconic translation of your inner wisdom, strength and authenticity. A personal Tarot card.

  • Commissioned soul portraits

  • Zamen zijn en uitwisselen rond het vuur.

  • Wandelen en mediteren in de ochtendglorie.

  • Een weekeinde in een omgeving van ruimte en rust in de landelijke Achterhoek.

  • Met elkaar vieren en dansen voor innerlijke luchtigheid en ruimte.

  • The soul portraits are born out of years of experience as a painter and practitioner of yoga and meditation.

  • With the painting I celebrate your unique, mystic and holy spirit.


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  • Each theme requires its own approach and elements. Kundalini Yoga, Osho meditations, dance, chanting mantra's or a gong meditation are some of the ingredients.


  • Each gathering examines the current position of the moon and its theme.

    moon cycle

  • Making art is my creative communication of love with the world.

    Art is love made visible

  • The personal design comes together with a text, translating the image and providing information about you.

  • The moon is the wise midwife for all beings on earth. Our beautiful moon gives us direction and support for birthing and integrating every month an authentic piece awareness.

    Cosmic doula

  • Every full moon symbolizes the possible expansion of consciousness wherein the impulse takes form.

    Moon transformation

  • Each new moon is the symbol of a new impulse we receive from life.

    moon power

  • The moon symbolizes our power to experience life as a rhythmic dance.

    moon magic

  • The gatherings are focused on the experience of the rhythm of the moon and the creation of synchronicity. This offers you consciousness and vitality because it connects you to your natural ability of growth and your biorhythm.

    moon mogic + synchronicity

  • Yoga helped me achieve depth, stability and connection with self and others.

    I love yoga

  • I offer individual astrology sessions. We can investigate your FORCE OF NATURE. Here we focus on widening your own 'nature' and you get to know your specific natural abilities. In the EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGICAL SESSION we look at different aspects of your souls evolution. You get insights about your souls past, your pitfalls, your desires, needs, destination and more. SPECIAL NEEDS and WISHES may also be submitted.

    POTENTIAl - uniqueness

  • ’S ochtends en ’s avonds zijn er Kundalini Yoga lessen. De lessen zijn geschikt voor zowel beginnende als gevorderde beoefenaars. De intentie van de lessen is om een diepe verbondenheid met jezelf te voeden en te versterken, zodat je met meer inzicht, rust en harmonie terug komt.

  • Een vakantie in een omgeving van echte stilte, prachtige natuur met een liefdevolle verzorging en tijd voor jezelf!

    30 Augustus - 6 September 2014: Yoga Vakantie Italië